Chughtai’s Etchings, Editions of a Master

AR Chughtai, Mughal Lady

AR Chughtai, Mughal Lady

During Asian Art in London Grosvenor Gallery are holding an exhibition of etchings by the renowned Pakistani artist Abdur Rahman Chughtai.  The show features sixteen different works, including editions of the iconic etchings Holy Man, Kashmiri Woodcutter and Endless Horizon, as well as rare images such as To Mecca, Mughal Princess and Mughal Lady.

It is a wonderful opportunity to see such a large group displayed together, alongside an archive of letters from Chughtai to the British artist Paul Drury, who helped teach him the technique of print making in London in 1936.

The exhibition ‘Chughtai’s Etchings: Editions of a Master‘, starts on the 29th October, and runs until the 12th November 2014.  The online catalogue can be purchased from the gallery, and an online version can be accessed here.

AR Chughtai, To Mecca

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